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The Path To Still Chill

At Still Chill, we believe that every person has access to their intuitive wisdom.

Our goal is to compassionately guide and support you to rediscover yourself, wholeheartedly, using mindfulness-based integrative approaches.

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Welcome! I'm Rose, the founder of Still Chill and a Mindfulness & Compassion Practitioner. I support people who are looking for a more wholesome awareness of their internal world and teach you how to live with more acceptance, less self-criticism and a more harmonious mind, heart & soul connection.


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"Rose had such an engaging and captivating voice and presence in the room when talking. Her talk encouraged me to see her 1:1 and the results have been life changing. I've never felt this empowered and content. I now know what true self-compassion means. Thank you!"


"As a mindfulness teacher, Rose could not be more reassuring or approachable. I learnt so much from her and she explains mindfulness in such a memorable way. What I've taken away from my mindfulness classes has stayed with me and helps me on a daily basis. Thank you!"


Rose has helped me a lot with my personal development, anxiety caused by racial inequality among other trauma's through  mindfulness. She focuses on self-love and helps me find a deeper understanding of myself and my cultural background. She makes me feel so comfortable during the sessions, it feels like I'm talking to my sister or best friend. Most importantly, she is al-ways REAL, which is inspiring in itself!!